Copying and duplication are the same processes which are burning the data, music or movies onto DVD-R’s or CD-R’s. This is the same process that is used when you burn something on your laptop or PC we just do it in bulk with duplicators. This process is great for data however some CD players and DVD players will not be able to read the discs. This is only about 2 % of devices out there but the possibility of your client not being able to use the disc is there. Duplication or copying is the same as a photocopy, the master CD or DVD disc is inserted into the CD/DVD duplicator and the image (the data on the CD/DVD) is then copied onto the blank CD-R or DVD-R. The data is duplicated as per the master, like a mirror image.

Duplication/copying is great for small to medium size runs and the turnaround is quick. The only downside to duplication is as mentioned above, some DVD and CD players may have issues with these discs, however, all data CD’s and DVD’s will have no problem being read in all PC/Laptop/Server DVD/CD ROM drives. One other issue to keep in mind is that we are limited to the amount of data that can be duplicated onto the CD-R (700mb) and the DVD-R (4.7gb). Should more data be required per disc we can offer Dual Layer DVD-R’s (8.5gb) or Blu-Ray (25gb) duplication.


Replication of CD’s and DVD’s is a far more advanced and reliable way of copying disc’s. This process involves a process of plastic injection moulding where polycarbonate pellets are melted and injected into the mould (stamper) which contains all the data for the discs. So every disc is actually manufactured with the data embedded into the polycarbonate. This is the most reliable process and is used by all the major studios like Disney, Sony and Universal. This is the only process recommended for large quantity runs, and is also best practice for all Audio Compact Discs and DVD Videos as they are guaranteed to play in ALL players IT, Professional and Commercial.

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Get your company logo, artwork, promotional designs & labels printed on CD or DVD. We also copy your Data onto the discs, before printing, packaging, and delivery.

There are 3 methods we use for CD printing & DVD Printing on the top of the duplicated or replicated disc’s.


  • Method 1: Digital print using inkjet technology to print on a duplicated CD or DVD. The quality of this method is awesome with photo quality resolution and a gloss finish.
  • Method 2: Offset printing, this is a four colour process print and is high resolution. This is the most common way to print replicated CDs and DVDs.
  • Method 3: Silkscreen printing up to 6 colours. The resolution of this method is not as good as the 2 previous but spot colours can be added for pantone matching. This is a great way to print 1,2 and 3 colour jobs for colour accuracy.

We also offer CD & DVD Copying, Replication & Duplication Services.

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